RJ Clawson

Leopard Gecko Breeder
Social Worker

Tangerine Radar

Golden Gate Geckos Murphy's Patternless

Mandarin Tangerine

Halloween Mask

Mandarin Tangerine Halloween Mask Cross


SuperBlood Non-Enigma (Tangerine Trempers)


Atomic afghanicus Cross


Military Veteran

MSW International Communities and Development

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More About RJ Clawson



Like many reptile enthusiasts, RJ Clawson, has been passionate about all things reptile from a young age. Having kept things like bearded dragons to poison dart frogs, it was leopard geckos that I have always come back too. I eventually went off to school and then entered into the military. Over the span of the next 15+ years I would be on the forums/Kingsnake checking out leopard gecko listings. In late 2016 I decided it was time. Since then, I have put together a collection of leopard geckos from many of the leading and respected breeders in the hobby.

Claw Geckos prides itself on honesty, respect and nothing short of the best experience whether you are new to the hobby or an avid hobbyist.