• The goal for this project is to produce deep yellow/golden colored Radars with reduced patterning of rich brown for contrast.

  • We started with a Tangerine Radar pair (1.0 Mango and 0.1 Peach) that were produced by Hector of TGA Reptiles in 2017.

  • Claw Geckos acquired this Tangerine Radar pair in 2018.

  • Claw Geckos have produced many Tangerine Radars but have old kept 1 hold-back to date, (0.1 Banana) produced by Claw Geckos in 2018. 

  • Claw Geckos received 3 sub-adult females in 2020 that were the offspring of a pair of Tangerine Radars we produced and sold in 2018, from our original pair Mango and Peach.



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